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1. Getting in touch: Before going on, look at the following sites and do the activities so you can get familiarised with the different animals, the names of some animals' body parts, habitats and so on..

1.1. Animals body parts: look at the pictures, and find an animal thas has it:

1.2. Animals "Odd one out" Circle the animal which is different and explain why. Then save de document in your computer.

And here are the answers
1.3. Name those animals:

If you need help to do these activities, you can find lots of pictures of animals with all these characteristics on this WEB

2. Animals Fact Sheets:
2.1. Now, we are going to prepare a fact sheet with the basic information of our chosen animal. Look at the example factsheet with info about bats and then use the "Factsheet Template" to fill in the different sections with the relevant information about YOUR animal.
First, you will work individually and then, meet the other members of your group in order to agree on what info you should include, revise and correct the texts, etc.
To find information for your factsheet you can visit the "Useful links" section on the side menu.

MUY IMPORTANTE: Recuerda que no se trata de copiar y pegar lagos pĆ”rrafos de texto que no entendemos, sino de buscar y SELECCIONAR unos cuantos datos e informaciones que creamos importantes y escribirlos en el sitio adecuado utilizando, cuando sea necesario, nuestras propias palabras y explicaciones. la informaciĆ³n en una 'Ficha de datos' como esta debe ser clara y concisa (breve).

3. Treasure Hunt: Animal habitats
Try to answer the questions about the animals included in the project: "HUNTING FOR ANIMAL HOMES" (Click and follow the instructions)
Keep this information updated and correct any possible mistake (teacher will give you some feedback about it)

4. Animals presentations.
We have already collected some information about our animals and have practiced some
useful words and expressions to talk about them. Now, it's time to start our Impress slide presentation with all the relevant information and pictures necessary to get to know as much as possible about them. Now you will work in groups usin the information you have already got in your "Animals factsheets"
When you have finished and revised your slide presentation, we will upload it to SLIDESHARE and will include some audio explanations (and/or music) so we will create 'slidecasts' as part of our final task. Both English and technology eachers will give you instructions about how to create and upload presentations.

Here is a SAMPLE PRESENTATION about dogs for you to use as a model for your own presentation: